Thursday, January 29, 2009

The first water color shots

Hi, Here is a clip with my progress so far. These are the first shots that are going to appear in gouache and water color (many more to go!).

For the last transition I made new animation (with the suitcase and the hat). It was a cut before, but I never liked it that way, so now it's a kind of camera-move transition. I thought that maybe it would fit in better with everything else, since other scenes tend to end with that sort of transition too.

Since the actual coloring and animating took a very long time last week, I had no time left to edit this the way I want it to be exactly.

I think some of the moving holds are too long and feel kind of unnaturally slow. Also, there is the bg problem (in the suitcase part) that was mentioned in class : I totally agree. On the bright side, it's a really easy fix. Thanks for catching that!

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