Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The fur blanket and the transition to digital animation


I wanted to post some new clips.

The first one is a part of the fur blanket animation (second attempt). It's not complete yet, but at least I found a better way to do it (I found out that pencil marks are visible in the lightbox even through gouache - so that made it easier to trace). I'll fix the white edges some of the frames have (I'll probably get to that next semester).

The next one is a longer another clip of the blanket sequence. Also at the end there's the transition to digital.

I'll try and move the last drawings a little to the right, to show that I meant for it to be half a face (and it isn't an aspect ratio mistake).

Also - when she says "but that was nice of her" (at the end of the clip) - I was planning on animating lip-sync just for that line. It could strengthen the idea that the story part is finished and we're back in present "reality", but do you think it is necessary? (or does it work well without it too? what do you think?)

By the way, there are two shots in pencil that are not so clear (because of the low quality of the clip). one is of her hand pulling the blanket. the other is of the package falling to the ground.

Now I need to think about the last shots and the ending. It's a challenge - I have some ideas but they still need to crystallize. Thanks so much for the suggestions made in class about this - that was helpful.