Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another clip

Hi, thanks for your comments!

It would be great to get your ideas on this one too.

There is some weirdness with the candles at the very end (to be fixed). And also the ending should be slowed down.

But does it work well with the text?

For the next lines I'm thinking of turning the last image here into a city landscape or a street.

The smoke coming from the candles would be the smoke coming out of the chimneys of two houses maybe. But first I need to make sure this is ok.

I hope this works so far!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Animation test #3 + some ideas

I've been thinking and thinking (and thinking). And over thinking is a pretty frustrating thing.

So what I did is rearrange the beginning (up until the line I mentioned in the previous post: "I have so many memories..."). The dissolving transitions are gone - I don't even know why I put them there in the first place actually.

This first part wobbles around (I know!) - but it will be clearer when the ink and color are in there. I just needed to see if the idea works.

When this gets to the part with the eye (very last frames) it will switch to ink (up until then - watercolor).

Oh - and there is a one word lip sync (= "right?"). there is no sound so you'll just have to trust me that it's in the right place.

Now I still haven't completely solved the problem of what to do next - that is why it has been taking so long. One thing is definite: I have to show something Jewish in the memories, otherwise it is only slightly implied (and that is not enough I think).

The memories are not good. But I also don't think this would be the place for images of soldiers or prisoners (or would it?). But it makes sense to show this person is Jewish (and the rest is left for your imagination).

Also, I think I don't want to use any symbols so I could keep it sort of universal (do you agree?).

Some images I thought could work for this:

- lighting of candles as a Jewish tradition.

- Hand knocking over a glass of wine.

- wind blowing through a window.

- figures running. - to show some sort of danger?

- Hebrew letters in a book on a table - not such a good idea maybe..


2nd option could look like this (these images could appear one after the other- first candles, last window):

I have to say I'm really not too sure about any of these options (otherwise I would just go ahead and pick one).

Do you have a different idea maybe?

By the way, I watched this excellent Israeli animated documentary film a few weeks ago. It made me think about the depiction of brutal situations - how that is sometimes a good thing in a film (because it is truthful).

Anyway, it was really powerful.

Ok - I'll try to come up with more ideas!